Saturday, February 9, 2008


Hey, this is Mo!

So, over in Sudan in a lil' place called Darfur there's a lot of bad shit going on (as you probably know). And it feels really hard to make much of a difference from waayyy over here.

But here are a few, super easy, fast ways you can make a difference!

1. Educate yourself on Darfur and have conversations about the genocide with people around you! For info on Darfur check out:

Darfur, Never Again (Again) Short, kinda gimmicky cartoon that shows the basics of what's up
Darfur Genocide
Save Darfur
Even Wikipedia! (but shit, what isn't on Wikipedia?)

2. Call 1-800-Genocide every day. Go to for information on what to say. Basically, it's calling the local gov and beyond to show that people in the USA give a shit about what's going on, call every day if you can! The more support the louder the message! Encourage friends to call too!

3. Learn Divestment! Learn what companies to avoid that send money to support this genocide. Has an easy powerpoint that explains divestment.

4. Sign the petition, it sends a letter out to all the head hauncho news guys (CNN, NBC, Fox, etc) saying that you want to see Darfur in the news more than celebrity gossip.

5. Boycott the Olympics in Beijing! China has a lot of power to help end this genocide, and instead they're financially helping out. Total bullshit.


- Mo

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Anarchist Jew said...

Comrade Mo, Thank you for posting this incredibly important topic. We live in a world context that is incredibly grim and we need to be reminded. I must admit that the very thought of this horror is dizzingly sick....I am pretty overwhelmed but intend to educate myself and use the links which Mo put up in her post. Looking fwd to thursday.

love love