Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Weekly Meeting for 2/21

Sorry it took me so long to make this post, I'm not very blog savvy.

But right, tomorrow's meeting topic!

The Real World!

People's perception of reality. The 9-5 job, the world society created (especially in the US), the school system, the goals we're "supposed" to aim for (money, fame, the rat race, etc), the world on tv vs real life vs natural life. Pro's and con's of the system! The pro's n con's of the alternatives (survival, or hiding in the woods).

I know it's a random abstract issue and I'm not writing a lot on it to prep for the meeting, but its been on my mind a lot lately (as I write this blog instead of doing my homework), and I think it'd be fun to discuss.

Over 'n out



Bandbabe said...

I had no idea what to expect when I graduated from college. But I've come to find that the 'real world' is not so bad. Actually, its pretty damn awesome once you get a handle on finances. But its certainly built up to be this huge complicated place (which it is) but many myths and misgivings still exist. Should be a very interesting subject to discuss.

Alienation said...

The cons about this system is everything.

The pro is that it will eventually come to an end. :-)

I'll be there, looking forward to it.