Friday, February 1, 2008

A.L.I.E.N.S Meeting Explained

Weekly meeting

A.L.I.E.N.S Meets on Thursday at 6:30pm-8:30pm until further notice at a disclosed on a "need to know" basis location.


The seven starters of the group will write a blog at this address by the proceeding Sunday. The details of that blog will be discussed at that Thursday's meeting. People may blog about whatever they like, issue, idea, etc., and that will be the main topic of the week. The blogs written by author's are on a weekly rotation. So people can view the person's blog on the Sunday before the meeting at this address, and by Thursday have questions/comments for the meeting. The bloggers are not put under pressure to discuss a subject they do not wish to do, as the blog on their given date is entirely their choice. Each blog criteria is that there is a section on what we can do about the subject (activism) contained in the blog regardless of content matter or political research.

"Field Trips"

Monthly (twice monthly during warmer months) lectures, political events, and meetings are to be scheduled and brought to the attention of members during the meeting.

"No Subject is Taboo"

This section is not structured into the meeting yet, however, is going to focus on taboo subjects in terms of things such as sexuality, vulgarity, use of language, and controversial subjects that even friends do not know about each other. This is to bring closeness to the group, and so we as individuals do not feel "weird" and alone. We all have thoughts that we think make us abnormal, and when we feel this way we often face feelings of isolation as opposed to inclusion.

"No One Listens"

An Important part of our agenda, the "No One Listens" Section is extremely important to radicals whom are socialized into inaccessibility and loneliness. Therefore we are defensive, have trust issues, are paranoid, sensitive, occasionally unstable and almost always skeptical of those around us. This section seeks to correct that and make people feel more interconnected with one another, and to plainly emphasize that you are not alone. "No one listens" will be the focus of the meeting once a month.


Sometimes we take ourselves entirely too seriously. We plan to (in the future) have parties catered towards politically minded individuals, analyze pop culture through movies, etc., and just have fun on occasion.

Our Mission Statement is posted on the previous blog entry

Please email us with further suggestions at

We will also update with changes.


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"taboo subjects in terms of things such as sexuality, vulgarity, use of language, and controversial subjects"

LOL! I just realized that this section above pretty much already sums up our friendship.

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