Monday, January 26, 2009

What to do?

How awesome would it be to have a room with a bunch of these in different positions?

I'm just thinking about ideas to organize my 300+ books. My parents have given me an expiration date on the other 200 or so I have at home (they will keep them for me but not forever). As of now I found some vanity shelves outside, and have put most of them on those. But that shelf is incredible.

In further news, I have borrowed about 5 books from the library.

So far "Whatever Happened to Daddy's Little Girls?" is incredible. Everyone should pick it up.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

School is for dummies.

What if monotonous biology/chemistry classes were replaced with understanding your bodies chemistry and the basics of health. What if we knew what the basics of what doctors know? What if you could determine whether or not you even need to go to the doctor when you see symptoms? What if in the event that you even need a doctor, your doctor and yourself could compare notes about your symptoms?

What if instead of reading dead and outdated authors such as Charles Dickens and books like "The Great Gatsby"-English classes taught you how to read legal documents, the law, how to analyze what others write, and how to develop the analytical skills necessary to effectively write and therefore communicate?

What if Math classes where numbers were a source of hell, boredom, and frustration were replaced with showing the student how to budget money, how to read financial documents, and how to file your taxes for example?

What if Gym classes, which are a source of hell for teenagers who are uncomfortable with their bodies (and how they fit into gender hierarchy), were replaced with nutrition courses? What if instead of Gym being about comparing meat with jocks, were about holistic nutrition, how to eat to live?

What if instead of dating history as "being in the past", "it didn't happen to us", or "thank god America is free", we learned that what we had in common with those of the past. What if we learned how similar our struggles are with those in our history as a whole, instead of totally disconnecting from it? What if instead of boring Social Studies courses about how great our dead white presidents were; we could create a better future outcome in societies, by simply looking at older societies?

If these things were accomplished, what would that mean for the American Economy? If we knew how not to be sick, what would happen to the pharmaceutical industry? What would happen to a lot of jobs, that actually, discourage the development of students?

We alllll know what the current American Education system has created.




When will we learn?