Wednesday, March 19, 2008

She has many thoughts - a topic for 3/19

Comrades and prospective lovers-

This will be why I find, when arguing, the word and concept of "natural", a thoroughly unconvincing and useless argument. When discussing the habits of human culture, or, more specifically, to explain the way things "ought" to be and why; people often invoke this absolutely indefinable thing called "nature".

Many times I have been told that human consumption of flesh is “natural thing” that us people do because we have "evolved" this way. Along the very same lines, a perfectly convinced person will tell me that hetero sex, and the way we are meant to do it is also, "natural." People become quite offended if I suggest that a womon is not “naturally” nurturing or, that the category of “womon” is not a naturally-explainable concept.

Let us try to define "natural"--> is it how we interpret the way animals live and behave? Is it what the people who paid the scientists would like us to believe so that they can make monetary and branding profit? Science is the stuuu-dddy of nature, right? Well, from the beginning, this religion of science is skewed in its own favor. If you believe that humans engage in friendships, but other animals are incapable of friendship based on some pre-conceived prejudices, will a scientist be able to see other animals’ relationships with any clarity?? If one believes that there are (only) two sexes in all species, can one find a third?

So often, though, the descrepincies are painfully obvious. I am told that one bunny humps another bunny because he wants to mate and make bunnies with his own sperms. When the bunny doing the humping has a vagina, we say that she is asserting dominance. Convienently different explainations of the same behavior made on the basis of gender, to support the patriarchy.

We construct the definition of intellect based on our very own bodies and lives. We prove human habits and cultures scientifically to give give the power structures more power. These power structures are the systems that we are brainwashed into the systems habit and fear called religion, science, the state, and other human cultural traditions/habits.

Ah, the convenient self-affirming system of money. Long live the free market!!

Firstly, how dare we as human beings with our own awingly varied cultures, even begin to imagine that we could understand something as alien to us as another species’ culture? How could we begin to define the relationships that animals have?

Because they are not like us and by some cruelty, their lives are in our control? This gives us the right to enslave, experiment on, murder and eat the bodies of other animals?

(Too often, when "natural" proves to be an unusable argument, the dear debater will turn to an argument involving a "god" that they themselves never worshiped.)

Much love,

Comrade Anarchist Jew

Monday, March 10, 2008

A bulletin I forgot to repost. On Bullshit science and neo-eugenics.

"People shouldn't have kids unless they can afford them".

It may be sorta true. But I'm tired of hearing this.

People should have kids when they deem themselves ready, should be the replacement.


If people "waited until they had money" to have kids the third world would be extinct. And people of color would've made up like .5% of the American population by 1960. Because when people say "overpopulation" they don't mean whites or the elite, do they?

So only wealthy people should have kids then? Very similar to Margaret Sanger's approach, but just the newer version.

Abortion is an undeniable right that is necessary whether in capitalism or not. But what would make it MORE necessary in capitalism?

-The fact that undesirable candidates should not produce offspring. Kids need two parents, one male one female to be "stable". Yet, patriarchy produces shitty fathers for very logical reasons whom even if they are in the home are not "really there". (most of you know what I mean). While most children whether they are rich or poor never spend any reasonable amount of time with their fathers, then what difference does it make in the first place? Even married mom's are single mom's when it comes to raising children.

-Being "married" before having kids is certainly an easier solution but it is designed to of course leave black women and non-straight people in general out of the suitable "parent" category.

-Wait until you have a "house" to have kids. Newsflash. Most people whom are low income, rent their homes.

-In order to "plan" to have kids you have to be suburban, married, parents must be stabilly employed, you must have a mini-van etc., is this the new way of saying "whites are more fit to have children"? And that poor women "cannot afford them" so should not have them until they "can"? And if people are born into their class, doesn't this mean NEVER?

-With all the crazy fucked up and mentally unstable people across the board, it is clear that your social status has nothing to do with your effectiveness as a parent.

I am confused/torn on this issue of . But me and peeps discussed it at dinner and I thought this was worth bringing up.

On an unconnected note:

Not only are black women naturally "stronger" and built for sexual exploitation and labor, but science has now confirmed that our vagina's/reproductive organs are "naturally" stronger too. What other conclusion could POSSIBLY come from this article (It is meant for doctors, not patients whom now have internalized this idea making it alllll the more dangerous).

Thursday, March 6, 2008


I sicky.

I have a stomach ache out of this world and a sore throat. I must have caught wind of some form of extraterrestrial bacteria. I am leaving work early. I hope I can come, I really do, but I think the best thing to do is go home and rest.

k. gonna go wallow in germs


Event- Volunteer at city shelter!!

Comrades- I volunteer in the rabbit room at Animal Care and Control in Brooklyn every Saturday and I invite you to come with me. I usually leave around 10 and return around 3 although this is flexible. Domestic animals have no choices in their lives and over 50% of the animals that end up in nyc city the shelters are euthanized because there are not enough adopters. There are many opportunities at the the shelter to interact with animals that are just desperate for some attention. Please seriously consider joining me.

-Comrade AJ