Wednesday, February 27, 2008

And the Band Plays On...

Last night was the 20th (and possibly final) democratic primary debate with Obama and Clinton. There have been a variety of opinions in the blogosphere over who won. Many give the edge to Obama.

There was an uncomfortable moment in the debate where Obama was asked about receiving an endorsement by Rev. Louis Farrakhan. In Clinton's response she went for the jugular. She painted a portrait when she received the support of the Independent party in NY, which she said was an anti-semitic organization. In her effort to paint herself as a champion against discrimination, she said she rejected any support from them and refused to be associated with any organization with anti-semetic ties.

However, the truth often takes a different shape then with the past is rewritten.

I found this post on a message board:


Most of America has discovered and reassessed the little-known ugly truths about Hillary Clinton. Nevertheless, Mrs. Clinton's passive-aggressive campaign tactics seems to know no bounds despite the electorate's growing rejection of her integrity.

Tuesday night's debate in Ohio revealed another big lie spoken by Mrs. Clinton in clever tones. Regarding the topic of U.S. support for Israel, the conversation spilled over into allegations and issues of anti-Semitism in Senator Barack Obama's campaign via Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan's past and recent statements.

Though Mr. Obama credibly and concisely refuted any association with anti-Semitism, and minister Farrakhan's verbal support for him, Mrs. Clinton used the issue as an opportunity to rewrite and distort history with a straight-out lie. The full backstory reveals the facts.

The U.S. Senator for New York is no genuine friend of democracy, inclusion, and Independents. Mrs. Clinton's record of blocking and bashing Independent activists in New York City is well documented. Though she spins her campaign and rhetoric across America to have the appearance of being a proponent of populist and democratic values, New York City's Black Independent voters know the real deal better than most.

Ask members of the New York City Independence Party, Independence Party of New York (IPNY), the Committee for a Unified Independent Party (CUIP), and especially 1992 presidential candidate and Independent activist Lenora Fulani. In 2005, Clinton engineered a bogus bigot-bating campaign to have Dr. Fulani eliminated as an executive member of the IPNY State Executive Committee. Though never substantially confirmed or affirmed by anyone, especially Fulani's many Jewish friends and supporters, Senator Clinton hyped the claim that the New York City Independent activist was an anti-Semite to the state's Jewish voters. Fulani's longtime political mentor and CUIP's veteran political strategist Fred Newman, also Jewish, knew better.

As one of New York State's leading national representatives, including her network of state and national political resources, Senator Clinton forced IPNY chairman Frank MacKay and vice chairman Thomas Connolly to dump Dr. Fulani from her executive post before the state IPNY organization was allowed to endorse Clinton's senatorial campaign. The demonization and attempted termination of Fulani, including the effort to disband New York City's five-county Independent organizations, effectively was designed to disenfranchise the thousands of very active and mostly Black New York City Independents Fulani represents. Divide, conquer, and win election was Mrs. Clinton's mission then, as it is now in 2008.

Lenora Fulani and several complainants filed a Voting Rights Act violation case with the New York State Supreme Court and the U.S. Justice Department. Senator Hillary Clinton and former New York State Attorney General Eliot Spitzer, now governor, were also named in the complaint. New York State's Supreme Court decided in Fulani's favor, and upheld New York City Independents' right to fair and equal representation as voters within the state. New York State Supreme Court Judge Emily Jane Goodman stated, "While the Court is not going to speculate on the motive for bringing this Petition appears to be more political than philosophical."

The Big Apple's Independents now have more empowered representation within local and state governance. Lenora Fulani's potential run for New York City mayor in 2009 will strategically enhance that empowerment. The memory of history and facts, no matter how hidden for present day campaign purposes, have a way of focusing avid and aware voters. New York City's Independents remember all too well. The once likeable First Lady Clinton of the 1990s is definitely not a truly democratic or electable presidential candidate for 2008.

Another fact, Independents are under no illusion that real change doesn't mean adding a new flavor to the same recipe of political campaign lies, or sustaining a deceptive political dynasty. Change also means having had enough of Clintonian and Bush politics, and politricks. Voters in most states and New York City are affirming a political paradigm shift that can't be delayed by more lies.

Most have discovered, as of February 2008, this newest deception from a passive-aggressive liar is another reason that justifies the much deserved demise of presidential candidate Hillary Rodham Clinton's campaign.

Dennis Moore, Chairperson, District of Columbia Independents for Citizen Control Party Washington, D.C. RELATED TEXT AND

Long post, but there are plenty of sides to every story. I don't take one post at face value. However hearing the side of the Independents raises in interesting issue. More so, because we are New Yorkers and I don't even remember hearing about this story.


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Alienation said...

"In her effort to paint herself as a champion against discrimination, she said she rejected any support from them and refused to be associated with any organization with anti-semetic ties."

By the time you try to make people NOT think you're racist, xenophobic, or in this case anti-semitic, you're already wayyyy to late (and have usually done/said something totally irreconcilable). So stop trying. You've already royally fucked yourself.

This election is getting TOTALLY RIDICULOUS. And my pissy mood has just increased!

It is true that Louis Farrakhan is anti-semitic. It's just funny to me that Hillary totally overlooked his hugely misogynistic and totally disgusting views towards black women. Hillary, did you forget to mention that during the million man march Farrakhan thought black women should stay at home making grilled cheese sandwiches, and not making a sound? How he believes our job is to make babies, self-segregate, and solely raise them all the while blaming us for all the problems in the black community which we didn't create?

Verrry reminiscent of how she was *totally cool* with Bob Jones of BET, whom has been using degrading images of black women to turn a profit since when? Oh wait, forever. Is it any surprise that Hillary is anti-women, anti-semitic, and anti-black?

Where are the cries of the feminists who claim that hillary will look out for all women? Do they mean white women who make up 6% of the world pop.? Why is this lumped as "women"? And no, Hillary is not looking out for white women either.

And then the question of why we aren't voting for the woman as black women to guilt us into falling in line (as though we don't hear this enough being black women if we don't vote for Obama because he's black) comes up.

I refuse to vote against my best interests based on "alleged" identity. Hillary nor Obama represent me, and ARE NOT my identity. Obama gets my vote because he's a slightly better candidate. And that's the only reason.


P.S Michelle Obama is ten times cooler than barack :-)