Friday, February 8, 2008

2/8 Meeting a roaring success :)


Last night, despite starting late, we all had a spirited and productive discussion about when and why it is important to call people out on ignorance and hate. We compared two awful cartoons, family guy and south park. We discussed becoming militant and how to best live up to our ideals.

This is all I can remember right now. Tiff took notes so hopefully someone will type them up. Please feel free to either comment here or put up a new post with your thoughts on the second meeting etc.

Also, welcome to Mo, who attended last night and was a valuable addition to the discussion.


Comrade AJ

ps can i just say that the TOTALLY OBVIOUS hierarchy in the work place makes me barf

In addition AJ, the part of the meeting that stuck out to me was how we personally learn to empathize with other people's struggles: and how empathy as activists is so important. I wll write more later, now, must...leave the house... Dexter was an entirely excellent addition to the existing group as well as Mo. Look forward to both of them comments. The convo if we are sensitive, or are just being human and it's totally expected also rang a bell. <3 Alienation! ~S

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