Monday, May 5, 2008

Inspirational Revolutionaries

<---Kola Boof
poet, novelist, womanist, embracer of true matriarchal African relgion

Emma Goldman ---->

anarchist, healer, began revolutionary work in her LATE TEENS!!, inspiration, founded the ACLU **BISEXUAL JEW**

Look these womyn up, read their works and about them. They are our sisters and ancestors we shall continue and support their work!

The Anarchist Jew ;)


Anarchist Jew said...

i dont know why the type on this got all messed up - sorry- it's legible though- sheryl? wtf?

Ebony Intuition said...

Will due, I've read some things on Kola Boof she's amazing. And will also look up Emma Goldman


Alienation said...

Love love love.

I will look more into Emma Goldman.

Why am I not included on this post? I shoulda been number one. With a HUGE PIC and a caption that read "Inspirational revolutionary" up under it. The pic shoulda been of me stealing lemons and eating a pb&J, whilst scratching my balls...

Anarchist Jew said...

stealing lemons, eh? I just finished the graphic novel biography of Emma Goldman and it is so terrifying how if you change "Russian Reds" to "Muslim Terrorists" and "WWI" to "Iraq War" THE ISSUES ARE EXACTLY THE SAME - we are in a cyclical roller coaster of repeating history- which must be why I feel so nauseous!

Shek- do you have any of Boof's works? I want to read read read learn learn

Alienation said...

Hellz yeah the issues are the same. "war on terror" vs "red scare". "Manifest destiny" vs"God promised the land" "god wants us to put an end to savageness/colonialism" vs "god wants us to spread eurocentric democracy". All of it. History is like bad reruns on television. Except not funny...

tokenstr8dude said...

awesome stuff! gotta love revolutionaries - they're so goddamn inspiring! anarchist jew: you ever see the documentary on anarchist jews called "free voice of labor" ??? it's amazing!



Anarchist Jew said...

Hey Jesse- yea ill take a look at that, thanks. Jews have a long herstory of being radical :D