Friday, September 11, 2009

The New Conservative Party

This is a great blog with terrific writing:

Recently, The Alien and I attended a lecture by Chris Hedges at The Revolutionary book store on 26th between 6th and 7th. It is a communist book store full of the same uncritical allegiance to the same old liberal issues without any consideration of identity politics!

They actually believe that identity politics are IRRELEVANT! They used sweeping generalizations about “people” and “women.” They called on audience members as “gentleman” and “lady” without consideration of gender politics.

We spent two hours talking to people outside the bookstore after the lecture:

Then, they protested when Alien and I suggested that the ways that black and white womyn experience oppression are very different. Bw are “strong” and can “handle a rough life”; ww are “weak” and have to be “protected from life”. Ww are oppressors of bw. AND there are gender and sexual orientation nuances among womyn as well.

There are COMPLICATIONS that MUST be discussed or these patterns of hierarchy/oppression will be REPEATED in radical communities.

Right! It’s simple! But for funzies, I came up with a little blurb about the political party that I lead:

The voice of the New Conservative Party is one of rational, real and logical beliefs.

Money requires the obedience of a labor-driven economy, and so, we are required to labor for the purpose of exhausting ourselves with work. The New Conservative Party are anti-labor and anti-work.

When we believe in a hierarchy, we will always be fighting to be higher on the scale of privilege. For the more privilege you have, the more access you have to happiness. Hierarchy is the hateful lens through which we see everything in life- from the evolution theory to office politics. But happiness is a right, not a privilege. Here at The New Conservative Party, we are anti-hierarchy and anti-authority.

Religion, along with its allies in its industry of oppression, including non-consensual government and science, instill in us a self-oppression that slowly teaches us to find comfort in misery. The New Conservative Party encourages you to be emphatic about seeking pleasure and is big proponents of masturbation.

Work is unnecessary. We live in abundance but we do not distribute evenly. There are few who can enjoy the necessities of happiness which, I'm sure you are inclined to agree, are:

-an abundance of free time

-health of body and mind

-community and love

Happiness is available to all of us but we must become Pleasure Seekers and leave self-restraint and modesty behind. Modesty and shame are the tools of the Industry of Oppression.

With industrialization, the earth and its abundance are kept hostage by corporations which sell it to consumer-citizens. These corporations along with government, religion, science and the labor system destroy all that is good and divine about life.

In sum, The New Conservative Party is about the simple, old-fashioned values of love and community.

We also encourage questions, comments and debate.


ariel ariel said...

1) i was excited to see a post from this blog in my reader and then
2) thank you for shouting me out!
3) i have a hard time with pleasure principles. it gives me a lot of stress, honestly; i have that WORK IS WHAT MAKES US GOOD PEOPLE ingrained DEEPLY and it makes it hard for me to give in. i keep worrying about how things will get done. i am thinking about this lately, actually, and it makes me feel real square but it is also just where i am. it is hard to imagine myself outside of an economy of being productive, and that makes me sad.

Anonymous said...

I don't get what you're trying to promote. I need further info on what this new way of life would actually look like.

uppitywhore said...

happiness and wellbeing are so often just buzzwords tossed around to make an oppressive regime look caring and fuzzy, but to give them real political weight -- in and of themselves -- is very worthwhile.

(and i'm a butt for taking forever to comment- sorry!)